Our Mission

Our mission in Nickobi is to generate and maintain a long-term, client focused business model which delivers above client expectations.

Nickobi Frames offers total turnkey solutions with complete peace of mind and assurance to our clients of timely delivery of defect-free products. We will provide all our client with the highest quality reliable life-long services that guaranty customers satisfaction.

As important as the quality of our work and the competence of our staff and partners are our values like honesty and reliability helped us to gain our customer’s trust and to confirm it many times. Agreements made are binding without any IFS and BUTS. This mission statement equally applies to the corporation with any subcontractor commissioned and instructed by us.

Our success in three words CREATIVITY, COMPETENCE, and RELIABILITY. We guarantee high quality, environmentally products that are ethically produced skilled management and support teams, superior services, competitively priced products.

With our wide range of frames, mirrors and prints we are able to anticipate and closely follow the market trends and client base with something special for everyone with a group of highly skilled employees, we have the necessary experience, expertise, and insight to deliver the highest quality product.